Máté Orr in the Le Meridien


Mate Orr In the Le Meridien

The Ari Kupsus Gallery will exhibit Mate Orr’s paintings on the outside terrace of the Le Meridien Hotel on the „Fashion Street of Budapest” (Deák Ferenc utca) as well as in the inner corridor of the same hotel.

Mate Orr graduated from the Academy Of Fine Arts Budapest in June 2011. He received the Ari S. Kupsus Salon Concert Society’s scolarship in 2010, as one of the most promising young talents. His first solo exhibition in the Ari Kupsus Gallery in March 2011 was highly successful.

The young talent’s magical still life paintings are an interesting combination of baroque, photorealism, and decorative abstract patterns. In his paintings realistic, skilfully painted every day objects, such as plastic bags and cantaloupes, get surreal and mystical aspects after being presented with surprising elements, like human figures with animal heads.

Mate Orr clearly has a successful career waiting for him.