Peter Földessy


An exhibition of works by

Péter Földessy

Distinguished Artist of the Ukraine 


 ”Péter Földessy, born in Mukacevo, Ukraine, in 1944, developed a process in watercolour painting in which the several-thousand-year old  tradition has started blooming in new colours. T his bloom on this fertile branch is a new, wonderfully sparkling one, since the genre of watercolor has never stopped breathing: even our children use it to paint their first “soul flowers” on paper (or on the wall).

Földessy light and playful like children and the masters of Eastern cultures, profound like Medieval fresco painters, and magically witty like the Surrealists – all at the same time.

He does not belong to any schools because only by remaining independent can he preserve this sensitivity and cheerfulness (a rare trait in contemporary art!) which emanates from the whirl of birds, clowns, wise men, mountains, towers, dreams and grimaces, and sheds light on the mysteries of our human nature.”

Zoltán Banne