Artists’ Camp

Artists’ Camp

Ari Kupsus Gallery is organizing its 12th  International Artists’ Camp in the historical Amadé-Bajzáth-Pappenheim castle which stands in the picturesque village of Iszkaszentgyörgy. The village of 2,000 inhabitants is located next to Székesfehérvár, at the foot of Iszka Hill which is part of the Bakony mountains. The area has been inhabited for many centuries and was first mentioned in documents in 1193. There were three villages on its area in the Middle Ages: Iszka, Szentgyörgy and Atya. Since 1590 the area has been called Iszkaszentgyörgy (Saint George of Iszka). A legend is attached to the name Szentgyörgy: Saint George defeated the dragon which terrorised the region at the road to Fehérvár. The village is rich in historic relics. Besides agriculture and forestry, handicraft also flourished. There area is also well known for its wines.


The Amadé-Bajzáth-Pappenheim castle was first mentioned in documents in 1735. The first part of the castle complex was built up at the beginning of 18th century by the Amadé-family. The visit to the castle and its parks is a journey in the history of art, including all styles from Baroque to the neo-Baroque of the early 20th century. Other sights of the village are the Calvinist and Roman Catholic churches.

We believe that this historical building together with the romantic remnants of its formerly glorious English and French baroque gardens will be an inspiring experience for artists. The camp will offer a great opportunity to work and enjoy the beautiful Hungarian summer together with international artists from all over Europe.

The Ari Kupsus Gallery Artists’ Camp will start on the 14th of June and will last until 24th of June, 2023. The closing ceremonies on the 24th of June will start by opening an exhibition of the works the artists make during their stay in Iszkaszentgyörgy. The admission to join the Artists’ Camp is free but artists are expected to donate two of their works (chosen together with the artist and the representative of the camp) for the organisers and sponsors. From these donated works some will be donated in turn to the village of Iszkaszentgyörgy to create a special contemporary art collection for the inhabitants of the village.

Accommodation will be arranged in the shared rooms in the baroque wing of the castle. The whole castle can be used by the artists. One room will be reserved for men and the other one for women. In the building there is a possibility to use the kitchenette for making breakfast. Accommodation, simple breakfast and lunch are provided by the Ari Kupsus Gallery in co-operation with the local government. In the village there are three little grocery shops where basic items can be purchased. There are also several local bars nearby and a Büfé for dinners.

Artists who are interested in the project and would like to join the camp should send their CV together with their portfolio to Ari Kupsus Gallery by e-mail. The deadline for applications is May 15th, 2023.


14.06. Arrival and orientation
Introduction of the Amadée-Bajzáth-Pappenheim castle and the village

17.06. Visit to the famous Ecseri antique market and a short tour in Budapest. (optional)

20.06. The dinner organised by the local government (day may change according to the programs of the local government)

23.06. The Baroque Garden disco, the closing party.

24.06. Exhibition opening of the works done during the camp